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更新時間:12-18 10:04

在載荷運轉一段工夫后,要停止頤養,把機內新機件磨擦發生的金屬沫特別是螺桿、螺母、渦輪、渦桿,要輕洗潔凈,涂上光滑油,密封嚴實,持續運用。The requirement of Xinjiang steel gate device and environmental temperature must insist on the stereoscopic degree of the base arrangement 180 degrees, the contact area between the base of hoist and the stereoscopic arrangement of the base should reach more than 90%, the screw axis should be perpendicular to the degree plane of the cross beam on the gate platform, and should be in accordance with the vertical of the gate hanger ear hole, so as to prevent the screw from tilting and forming part of the mechanical force to damage the machine parts. The utility model is composed of a housing, a cover, a bracket, a nut, a screw, a pressure bearing, a screw, a worm, a worm wheel handle, a motor, an electric appliance, etc. The dual-purpose hoist adopts worm wheel and worm variable speed nut to rotate, which makes the screw move up and down. It has high safety function. The dual-purpose hoist has dual protective measures of torque maintenance and travel limit. It is easy to operate and can complete remote control and field operation, single control and centralized control. After the load runs for a period of time, it is necessary to stop taking care of itself. The metal foam, especially the screw, nut, turbine and scroll, which occurs when the new parts of the machine are friction, should be cleaned and cleaned lightly, coated with smooth oil, sealed tightly and used continuously.


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